Sponsorship Opportunities

As a registered author or industry professional you will receive your own table for the large multi-author book signing along with a welcome bag filled with swag, and your name/website link on the MBLU website.

However, there are lots of additional sponsorship opportunities available. You can either sponsor a specific item by designing and purchasing that item or you can sponsor a specific event.

Items available for sponsorship
(quantity will be determined closer to event date)

Welcome bags – Sponsored by Bianca Sommerland
Lanyards – Sponsored by Jenna Jacob and Zoey Derrick
Event Signage – Sponsored by Romance Novel Promotions
Event Schedules – Sponsored by Tina Ness
Book signing wrist bands – Sponsored by Linda Rae Sande
Book signing swag bags – SPonsored by Bianca Sommerland

**All sponsors will have name listed on website, large banner, welcome sign, schedules, and t-shirts.**

Events available for sponsorship

*Thursday night PJ Party 

Michel Prince
Bianca Sommerland
Tina Ness with model William Scott
Jenna Jacob
Evan Grace
Tori Madison
Melissa Haag
Ginger Ring with models Jax Turnya and Scott King
Rory Ni Coileain
Linda Rae Sande
Tina Susedik / Anita Kidesu
Hazel St James with model Justin Coale
Ashlynn Monroe

Friday morning (9-12) coffee lounge: $150/author (this event will require 6 authors. Authors will be expected to sit in the coffee lounge with the guests for a 30 minute time frame.)

9:00 – Rae Matthews
9:30 – Bianca Sommerland
10:00 – Jordyn Meryl
10:30 – Kat de Falla
11:00 – Beverly Ovalle
11:30 – Melissa Schroeder

Friday night Boots, Chaps, and Cowboy Hats:

Attending Sponsors
– Randi Alexander
– Michel Prince
– Sidda Lee Rain
– Lori King

Non-Attending Sponsors
– Sandy Lea Sullivan
– Desiree Holt
– Sable Hunter
– Amanda McIntyre

* Mimosa Breakfast (4 authors – price depends on nature of event)

– Tina Susedik
– Jordyn Meryl
– Melissa Schroeder
– Brandy Walker
– K.J. Farnham
– Bianca Sommerland
– Jenna Jacob
– Teri Riggs

*Saturday even Heroes and Heroines: Play the Fantasy Cosplay Party
– Marci Boudreaux
– Rory Ni Coileain
– Lily-Ann Johnson

**All sponsors will have name listed on website, event sign, large banner, welcome sign, schedules, and t-shirts.**